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Friendly Pet & Dog Hotels
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Choosing good dog hotels is easy today, a new tendency is clearly seen around the world, since international inns have come to terms with this and have made room for dogs and their belongings.

Now, there are some aspects of taking your pet on holiday with you, that are worth looking at (make sure you answer these questions truthfully): 

Don’t forget to take some of his favorite food with you. It may happen that the food provided by the hotel is not suitable for him at first. They will surely replace it if necessary, but meanwhile, your dog will not suffer this.

You might as well do some research on the area for a vet, in case of an emergency. Your pet may greatly suffer the change and therefore experiment some unusual condition or illness, so have this in mind, just in case. It might also be a good idea to take your pet’s vaccination certificate as well.

And last but not least, be ready to take your and his stuff, should there be an evacuation situation inside the hotel.